Peter Kreeft’s The Uniqueness of Christianity

Sometimes the world needs more people like Peter Kreeft (a Christian apologist, and Tolkien Scholar) to lead us to the Truth. His points against religious indifference are highly enlightening. Though his points are what most post-modernists would say, “fascist”, “imperialistic,” or even “fanatical”, this only highlights the point that we, the Children of God, need to be more vigilant in the war against relativistic thought.

A Brief Reflection on the Father

“I Believe in God, the Father Almighty…”

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…”

God is the Father. He created us, and we are His children. As a Father, God is there to provide for us. God gives us the grace which gives life to our soul. God provides his obedient children with the things they need. Indeed, by being a good child of God, our Father will definitely be good to us.

However, like any parent, God also has a stern side. Whenever the children are disobedient, every now and then God will have to give a time-out.

And this, unfortunately, was how my previous week was. Yep, I believe God gave me a time-out.

*For those expecting a much more profound entry, I’m sorry. I have developed the habit of microblogging in the past years unfortunately. I promise you readers much more profound entries in the coming days. Oh, and if some get offended by the “irreverence” of this entry’s tone, I’m sorry again.